• Want to know a secret? 知晓一个秘密吗?

    Skincare isn’t complicated!皮肤护理并不复杂。

    The name Lalu comes from the French word l’ allumée, which refers to light and sparkle. Fun, flirty, and full of life, we are always cooking up new ideas and products to bring light to your natural beauty.


    About Us

    When it comes to your skin, less is more!

    At Lalu Raw Beauty, we are simply manifesting the wisdom of our ancestors- using all plant-based and rich minerals ingredients that heal and protect our skins. We get down to the basics and use botanical ingredients with purpose and high- tech science to create advanced, lush formulas that empower your skin.

    Our products pack a punch of clean superfoods filled with protective nutrients, vitamins and anti- oxidants. We are all about using superfoods from leaves to seeds because of their natural moisture, vitamins and vital essence, which gently regenerate our skin. We don’t use fillers or chemicals. Nope, those get tossed out the door like a bad ex.

    It's about reviving your youthful glow and letting your skin shine through.


    Whichever word you use, "authentic" beauty and "powerful" are what Lalu Raw Beauty Stands for. Our products are natural, full of what’s good, free of what’s fake and all the fuss, hidden ingredients or fillers. We create transformative skincare regardless of skin type or gender to uncover your healthiest and most radiant skin.

    Our plant- powered products not only protect the skin from harmful ingredients, daily pollutants and environmental toxins, but are also capable of healing when used alongside daily skincare.


    And that’s the truth!

    Our History

    While living in China, Adja Ljung and her Swedish husband Oscar couldn’t find the same natural skincare easily available to them while growing up between France, Senegal and Sweden. So, she decided to make her own products, using the best natural, plant- based ingredients that were effective, but also cruelty-free.


    And so, Lalu Raw Beauty was born.


    French inspiration meets cutting-edge innovation.

  • We work with Nature and not against it!

    Only the best earth-friendly and skin- loving natural ingredients make it into each bottle and we never test on animals. We strive to be environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious in everything we do.


    About our Conditioner!

    About our Matcha Purifying Mask!

    About our O2 Charcoal Bubble mask!



    About our Kale + Green Tea Face Super Cleanser!



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    [限量版] X'mas Beauty Box* 圣诞美容礼盒
    It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
    Looking for the perfect gift? Or maybe it’s time to treat yourself?
    Whichever Lalu babe is on your list, we’ve got the perfect present.
    We teamed up with the best to bring you a Limited Edition Christmas Gift Set
    What’s inside:
    1x Limited Edition Lalu Makeup Bag
    1x Lalu Kale + Green Tea Super Face Cleanser
    1x Lalu Matcha Purifying Clay Mask OR Lalu O2 Bubble Face Mask
    1x Travel Sized Lalu Samples
    1x Cryta Roller
    1x 500 RMB Voucher from DVA Boutique Spa
    1x Motivational Card
    That’s over 1250 RMB in value!
    Discounts not valid on this Xmas box*
    Coming soon
    Lalu To Go Makeup Bag
    1. A lovely Waterproof Makeup to keep your beauty essentials organized.
    2. Lalu To Go Kit
    Coming soon
    Lalu Body Lotion
    Our innovative yet natural body lotion doesn’t just temporarily protect skin—its moisturizing effects are felt up to 24 hours after application. Ingredients like aloe vera and essential oils keep skin supple while creating a weightless barrier to prevent moisture from escaping. That means 24 hours of softness, vitamin protection, and nourishing for radiant and rejuvenated skin.
    Coming soon
    Lalu Shampoo
    Our moisture-rich shampoo is a robust blend of plant-based ingredients and essential oils that gently remove impurities and promote hair growth, thickness, and strength. Our shampoo effectively cleans while respecting the scalp's natural balance of essential oils, leaving your mane touchably smooth. With our shampoo, we aim to restore the hair and protect the scalp- during any season of the year.
    For All Gender
    Coming soon
    Lalu Conditioner | Hair mask
    This decadent 2-in-1 conditioning hair mask deeply nourishes hair from the inside out while repairing split ends and producing stronger, healthier hair. Our conditioner contains a potent concoction sourced from antioxidant-rich plants like avocado, lavender, and ginger to lock in moisture while removing impurities. Ingredients like aloe vera provide shine and nourishment for weightless, smooth hair of all textures and varieties.
    To use conditioner as a daily moisturizer and detangler, apply generously on wet hair after using the Lalu Raw Beauty Shampoo, leave in for 3 minutes, and rinse.
    Coming soon
    Lalu Shower Gel
    Lalu Raw Beauty Shower Gel is as fresh as it is lush. Its rich blend of essential oils and minerals enliven your body and mind while retaining moisture for healthy, youthful, and nourishing the skin. The shower gel removes impurities from the skin while retaining natural protective oils. Rub the gel into a lather for a fun, sparkling, and refreshing experience that leaves your skin clean, revitalized, and resilient.
    Coming soon
    TRIFECTA Beauty Pack
    1. Matcha Purifying Clay Mask
    A rejuvenating silky matcha purifying mask
    2. O2 Bamboo Charcoal Bubble Mask
    bamboo charcoal bubbles cushion to draw out impurities, deep cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin
    3. Kale + Green Tea Super Face Cleanser
    A daily green leafy cleanser rich in vitamins to deeply cleanse, strengthen skin and gently remove makeup and impurities while reviving and refreshing skin.
    Coming soon
    Kale + Green Tea Super Face Cleanser
    One of the best defenses against blemishes and breakouts is consistently clean skin. A daily green leafy cleanser rich in vitamins to deeply cleanse, strengthen skin and gently remove makeup and impurities while reviving and refreshing skin. Our natural nutrient-dense Superfoods cleanser offers a balanced blend of antioxidants and vitamins for a natural glow. And it is fortified with super green phytonutrients including Kale, Spinach, Green Tea, hyaluronic acid & Chamomile
    Good for: Sensitive. Normal. Dry Skin. Acne
    Concerns: Oiliness. Dull skin. Loss of firmness. Uneven skin tone. Oily skin
    Coming soon
    O2 Bubble Bamboo Charcoal Mask
    The gentlest natural deep cleanse, exfoliator and bubbly mask you will ever try!
    This fun and innovative multi-purpose mask activates into microbubbles upon contact with the skin creating a bamboo charcoal bubble cushion.
    Formulated with bamboo charcoal, this purifying mask actively deep cleans and draws out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers, impurities, and pollutants. After usage, skin looks energized. radiant and purified, revealing your natural glow. It works to clear and smooth skin's texture.
    Good for: Normal . Dry . Combination . Oily
    Concerns: Pores . Oiliness . Uneven tone . Acne.

    Coming soon
    Matcha Purifying Clay Mask
    The Superfood Mask is your skin's new best friend!
    A rejuvenating silky Matcha purifying mask to detox and de-stress your skin enriched with the powerful Matcha green tea antioxidant and super ingredients to help fight free radical damage, reduce redness, while nourishing skin, leaving it feeling comfortably clean, bright, and rejuvenated.
    Our Superfood Matcha + Spirulina + Shea Butter is an antioxidant purifying mask packed with nutrient-rich ingredients vitamins and rich minerals to repair and give your complexion a second life.
    Good for: Sensitive. Dry. Combination. Oily skin. Acne.
    Coming soon
    FINAL STOCK SALE #2 Conditioner
    LAST CHANCE TO ENJOY OUR SWEET PRICE! End of the stock price. Before 138 rmb now 88rmb
    Plant & fruit based
    Lalu Raw Beauty #2 Conditioner is enriched with avocado oil, shea butter, and aloe vera to help strengthen, detangle, restore and moisturize hair.

    After using Lalu Raw Beauty #1 Shampoo, evenly apply a generous amount of #2 Conditioner on damp hair. Leave in for 3 to 10 minutes for the best results. Rinse and style as desired.
    Coming soon
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